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Introduction to PCB Design
30 hours
Entry Level

As with much of the automation, rapid prototyping, 3d printing and so many other studies in fast to market tools and techniques, understanding how to design your own printed circuit boards is another important industry skill set to help you save time and money.

For anyone looking to produce a product that has any electronics in it at all, creating your own custom board is a much more purpose built solution rather than using several "off the shelf" modules that take up more space, causing redesigns in the main product. What effect might it have on your completed project if you have to keep redesigning the structure to fit the cobbled together electronics, when instead you could be designing the PCB within the existing space, and not effecting your initial vision of the product.

Lastly, this is also a class for those wanting to move up from the prefabbed dev boards and custom software like Arduino, and truly beginning their journey the real world of electronic engineering and design. Arduino is such a wonderful platform, and possibly even the instigator of this renewed hobbyist electronics scene, but at some point many people want to feel what it's like to take all the training wheels off and build their own projects. This course is built around that desire.

  • Basic electronic components
  • Basic schematic symbols
  • Schematic design software
  • Creating schematic footprints
  • Creating part libraries
  • Software keyboard shortcuts
  • Circuit board design software
  • Design rules check
  • Best practices
  • Ohm's law
  • Calculating power requirements
  • Trace thickness requirements
  • Via usage
  • Interference (RFI, EMI)
  • Heat dissipation
  • PCB manufacturing services
  • Hand PCB routing
  • Routing techniques
  • Soldering
  • Test equipment (Multimeters, oscilloscopes)

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Introduction to PCB Design
Course #C401
Dates: Jan 5th - Feb 2
Cost: $xxxx