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PCB Assembly
30 hours
Entry Level (Intro to PCB Design Recommended)

This course covers a range of electronic skills. Our focus is to teach students to assemble and solder surface mount components to printed circuit boards, but we will also cover what these components are used for, how to read schematics, troubleshooting and test equipment. There will also be instruction on finding the right enclosure for your project and the different fabrication methods if you were to choose to make your own.

  • The benefits of SMT
  • When would you choose not to use SMT
  • What are the various SMT component sizes
  • Soldering techniques
  • Understanding Schematics
  • Reading PCB notations
  • The various tools and equipment used for troubleshooting PCBs
  • PCB cleaning
  • Project Enclosures
  • Thermal dissipation techniques
  • Drag soldering

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PCB Assembly
Course #C401
Dates: Jan 5th - Feb 2
Cost: $xxxx